Blooming Red Roses Casket Spray: TF-209-4

When you want to express how deep your love is, this spray of red roses says it all.


Blooming Red Roses Basket: TF-209-3

This traditional basket filled with red roses and eucalyptus shows all that true love goes on forever.


Cherished Moments Spray: TF-207-7

Show your loved ones just how much you cherish all the moments with this beautiful spray


Cherished Moments Casket Spray: TF-207-6

Throughout the years there were many cherished moments.


Cherished Moments Arrangement: TF-207-4

Your cherished moments were many and this arrangement displays that beautifully.


Hope and Honor Wreath: TF-207-2

This vivid red and white wreath honors a loved one by sharing a timeless message of hope.


Hope and Honor Cross: TF-206-4

This striking red and white cross honors your loved one in a faithful way.


Celebration of Life Standing Spray: TF-203-8

This colorful standing spray will express your compassion to all in attendance.


Celebration of Life Casket Spray: TF-203-7

The vibrant colors of these flowers celebrate a life filled with joy, compassion and love.


Summer Sentiments Casket Spray: TF-203-2

Express your warmest sentiments with this colorful spray of summer’s brightest blooms.


Summer Sentiments Arrangement: TF-203-1

In celebration of a life well lived, this arrangement features an uplifting collection of summer’s most delightful flowers.


Spring Hope Arrangement: TF-199-5

This lovely arrangement of spring flowers shows there’s always hope.



Blooming Glory Casket Spray: TF-199-7

This colorful half-couch spray blooms with bright flowers, promising that there’s always hope and glory.


Triumphant Casket Spray: TF-200-1

This glorious casket spray with its purple and pink array of flowers shows that hope springs eternal.


Pink Promise Spray: TF-198-1

This soft pink spray with its carnations, gladioli and larkspur holds the promise of a brighter tomorrow.


Loving Heart Tribute: TF-199-4

This lovely heart-shaped design will leave no doubt just how much love you want to show family and loved ones.

Pure White Casket Spray: TF-194-1

This casket spray with its array of white carnations, larkspur, asters and stock adds a pure and loving gesture to the service.


White Expressions Basket: TF-195-1

If you want to pay tribute in a grand manner, send this impressive arrangement of white flowers. They’ll convey exactly how you feel.


Eternity Wreath: TF-189-8

Show your love and support with this beautiful wreath of colorful mixed flowers. Its bright hues will lovingly grace the service.


Tribute Hart: TF-189-7

To express just how you feel, send this heart-shaped arrangement with its white chrysanthemums and red carnations.


Hope and Harmony Spray: TF-189-3

If you want to send a message of hope, this lovely spray with its pink, yellow and lavender flowers sends it harmoniously.


Gentle Thoughts Spray: TF-188-3

The pink and white flowers of this lovely spray will express your deepest sympathy ever so gently to all in attendance.


Fireside Basket: TF-187-8

What more heartfelt way to express your sorrow than with this fireside basket filled with flowers?


Hopeful Pink Basket: TF-187-1

This beautiful arrangement with its varying tones of pink will send your message of hope out to all those at the service.


Loving Tribute: TF-185-7

This lovely fan-shaped arrangement, with its soft traditional shapes, displays just the kind of loving tribute you want to send.


Sweet Sentiments: TF-185-2

This pink and white arrangement, with its chrysanthemums, larkspur and snapdragons, is perfect to display your heartfelt sentiments.


Vivid Sentiments: TF-185-1

Send this gorgeous red and white arrangement filled with carnations and chrysanthemums, and your sentiments will be warmly received.


White Promises Spray - Deluxe: TF188-2


Delicate Pink Casket Spray: TF198-4


Classic Carnation Arrangement - Deluxe: TF198-3



Remembering Forever - Deluxe: TF198-3


Red Regards Spray - Deluxe: TF206-2


Patriotic Spirit Spray: TF215-3


Cremation Urn Wreath: TF218-1